(As in things that we produce...and then sell.)

All products were originally sculpted by either Paul or Zoe
and all casts are done in resin and hand painted by the artists.

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Enola binds to the life inpsiring energy of the trees, she nurtures them when in bloom,
and breaths a song to their roots. Every one uniquely painted, this is a limited edition wall hanging.

£29.99 + p&p


Valmath, the Guardian.... of a few small bits of iron pyrite (I couldn't afford gold). Valmath is available in a range of colours and looks an impresive sight on any mantle piece where he sits and does absolutely nothing. Well thats dragons for you.

£29.99 + p&p

The Water Spirit

The Water Maiden, Sabrina lives in the world of Undine.
Mercurial and elusive, calm and loving she entwines the Spirit of the Oceans.
Every one unique, this is a limited edition casting.

£29.99 + p&p


Standing around 9cm tall, Loki was originally designed as a candle holder (a job he still does part time) but has recently branched out into propping up books (small ones) or acting as a paperweight.
With the ability to clone himself in a variety of colours he can be tailor-made to blend in and camoflage himself in any room.

£9.99 + p&p

Spiritus Almec Veni (Come Loving Spirit)

This Plaque is synonymous with our desire to unite with the source.

A wall hanging developed from an earlier painting entitled ‘Vortex’. Every one unique, this is a limited edition casting.

£29.99 + p&p